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Current Launch Status:

12/09/17  10:15 PM

It was a lovely day for flying. We had a relaxed session and put up 22 flights.

Watch this space for 2018 launch dates. The January launch is tentatively on the 20th.


BEMRC Launch Schedule

BEMRC launches are on the second or third Saturday of the month (see dates listed below)

The range typically opens at about 11 AM.

Launches are limited to G motors and approximately 1500 foot maximum altitude (or less depending on conditions at launch time).

2017 Launch Dates 

(as always, weather permitting)

January 21 - Launch Report   Video (Thanks, Ryan!) Also pictures on BEMRC Facebook page (Thanks, John!)

February 11 - Launch Report

March 18

April 15 - Launch Report  Video (thanks, Ryan!)

May 20 - Launch Report (followed by one for May 21)

June 17  Launch Report

July 15

August 12  Launch Report

September 9 (Northwest Classics West) Launch Report

September 24th - Special Museum of Flight Launch:  50 Years of Astron Alphas

October 21  Scrub

November 18 - Launch Report

December 9 - Launch Report

Launch Site location:

Raceway Overview with Directions

2016 and older news and launch reports

2017 Membership Application  (.doc file)

BEMRC Flight Cards (six per page)

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